EDINEȚ (ro) / YEDINTZY (ru) / YEDINITZ (yid)

Since 1835 Edineț is known as a shtetl. In 1897 Jewish population constituted 72,3% (7.379 people). By 1910 Jewish population increased to 9.413 (63,1%), by 1930 decreased to 5.349. Before WW2 there were about 20 synagogues, 8 cheders, 3 primary schools, a mikveh (also used as a public bath for non-Jewish population).

In 1940-41 and 1949 about 200 people from Edineț, including many Jews, were condemned by the Stalinist Soviet authorities. In July 1941, about 700 Jews were killed and burued at the cemetery, and a ghetto for about 15.000 Jews from the region was established. Large part of the community perished in Holocaust, few Jews survived.

In Edineț we should visit the impressive old cemetery with two Holocaust mass graves, walk around the former Jewish neighborhood and of course visit the unique Holocaust street.


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