Vadul Rașcov is known since mid 18th century. Jews are believed to appear here after 1812, when Bessarabia became part of the Russian Empire. In 1847, 22 Jewish families are listed here; in 1897 3.237 Jews constituted 70% of the population; by 1930 the Jewish population here decreased much, in 1930 it constituted only 1.958 (49,5%). In early 1930s hassidic court of Rashkever hassidim moved here from Rașcov (the opposite, left bank of Dniester, that was under the Soviet control since 1917). In 1940-41 and 1949 several Jewish families along the others were condemned by the Soviet authorities. During Holocaust many Jews perished in bombings of Vadul Rașcov or in Transnistria.

A must-see in Vadul Rașcov is ancient Jewish cemetery, probably the most picturesque Jewish cemetery in Moldova due to its ornamental headstones blended into the scenic landscape.Besides, we would see the remains of the cobblestone road still connecting Vadul Rașcov to the „greater world”built by the Jewish merchants; remains of the mikveh – ritual bath; and of course would try homemade wine in authentic wine cellar!

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