LIPCANI (ro) / LIPKANY (ru) / LIPKAN (yid)

Lipcani is the farthest North-Western town of Republic of Moldova, first documented in 1429. Jews are believed to settle here in 17th century. In 1847, Lipсani Jewish community listed 313 Jewish families. In 1897, Jews constituted 64,2% (4.410 of 6.865 settlers). In 1930, Jews constituted 80% (4.693 of 5.880) Lipсani population. In 1940s about 100 people, including a lot of Jews, were oppressed by the Soviet authorities. On June 22 1941, German airplanes bombed the town. Approximately 80% of the residents of Lipсani died from starvation, illnesses such as Typhus, exhaustion from forced labor, or shootings or beatings. On March 21, 1944 the deportees were finally allowed to return to their destroyed home. Many chose not to remain.

In Lipcani we would visit the ancient cemetery and former Jewish neighborhoods recalling the culture of once flourishing “Lipcani Olimp”; besides, non-Jewish heritage of the town is very attractive though mostly neglected.

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