The Jewish colony of Căprești was established in 1851 by 211 Jews. By 1858, Căprești listed 33 families (357 people). 866 Jews lived in Căprești in 1897 from a total of 1002 residents. 48 Jewish businesses were in the town in 1924 and 1815 Jews from a total of 1998 residents lived in Căprești in 1930. Four synagogues and two cheders were here by WW2. In 1940s, 30 residents of Căprești, 2/ 3 of them Jews, were convicted, exiled and imprizoned by the Soviets. The Jewish population suffered much during Holocaust. Large part of the community perished in Holocaust, few Jews survived.

Today in Căprești an old Jewish cemetery can be visited, a Jewish pharmacy, the ruins of one of three synagogues, and the cobblestone road built by Jews are still visible.


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