An exhibition in Horodok opens tomorrow

Our friends and colleagues from Horodok (Khmelnitsk, Ukraine) tomorrow, ahead of Rosh ha-Shana, open a great exhibition in the local museum (G-Museum), in the modern building recently built thanks to the Horodok’s native professor Humeniuk.

The exhibition consists of few dozens images based on the matzevot carvings from Sataniv (Khmelnitsk, Ukraine) dated back to the 18th and early 19th centuries.

The author of the project, local historian and journalist Dmytro Polyukhovich, developed his own know-how. The silhouettes of carvings are cut out digitally from the background, and, after some processing, the result is amazing: not just a self-sufficient peace of art, but a great artifact for researching the Jewish art. The experts from the G-Museum will explain to the visitors each image: who was buried under the particular headstone, what does the decor mean, etc.

Kol ha-kavod, Dmytro, a great job done! Looking forward for the possibility to visit the exhibition in person!

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