We are frequently asked what are our services, what we can be asked about. You can request anything related to the Bessarabian Jewish history and heritage:

  • to find a particular grave, clean and repair it, take care of it regularly, light a candle for a yorzeit, etc;
  • to research your family story, to check family legends and lore, to fill the gaps;
  • to locate a particular building knowing its prewar address;
  • to visit any site all over Moldova in order to check and report its current condition;
  • to read, translate and comment old papers in Russian and Romanian;
  • to create and guide a personalized tour based on your papers and family remembrances.

To make a long story short: we are your legs, hands and eyes here in Moldova.

A necessary disclaimer: each penny earned is covering our main goal: researching, promoting and preserving Jewish heritage of Moldova!

The best example is our Onițcani project: https://www.maghid.org/projects/own-projects/onitcani/